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The Free Movement blog was founded by Colin Yeo in 2007. Colin continues to edit the blog alongside Abigail Smith, Bijan Hoshi and Taimour Lay. Other members of the immigration team at Garden Court Chambers also contribute to the blog.

Views expressed by individuals on the blog are the views of the individual concerned and cannot be taken to reflect the views of Garden Court Chambers or other members of the team.

About Colin

Colin Yeo

Colin speaking at Divided Families demonstration, June 2013

I have been practising in immigration law for thirteen years. My career began at two charities, the Immigration Advisory Service and Refugee Legal Centre, and I came to private practice at the Bar in 2006.

I founded Free Movement in 2007. Since then it has become a popular resource in the UK immigration law sector, widely read by lawyers, judges and members of the public. The blog receives over 20,000 unique visitors every month.

My intention in writing and editing the blog is to keep myself up to date in the incredibly fast moving world of immigration law and policy. It help me think through new developments. In doing so, I also aim to provide updates, pointers and links for the benefit of other immigration lawyers and for migrants and their families researching their own position.

I typically post two or three times a week and also publish some guest posts (see below). When there is a lot going on in the immigration world I may post more often.

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Any of the Garden Court contributors to Free Movement, including Colin, can be booked for consultation or legal work through the family and immigration clerks at Garden Court Chambers.


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Guest posts

Guest posts from outside Garden Court are published from time to time. If you are interested in submitting a post for publication please email the editor. You should read the blog’s contributor guidelines.

Commercial guest posts by non immigration specialists are not accepted.

Reproduction of Free Movement content

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Take-down policy

If you object to material posted on the blog, please leave a comment or email the editor. Any assertion of copyright will lead to immediate withdrawal of the relevant item. Opinion or comment will not be so readily withdrawn but will certainly be reconsidered.