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The Home Office has managed to use a photo of a child that it wanted to remove from the UK as the face of its campaign to overturn a High Court judgment allowing divided families to be reunited. The news item concerns the controversial minimum income rule that is dividing many families where one of the partners is a foreign national. By the end of December 2013 it was known that over 3,000 families had been put on hold while the Home Office fights the case through the courts. The Home Office stance is causing huge misery and suffering. Continue Reading…

28-3-2014. Fight for Yashika demonstration outside Enfield Civic centre.

The story of Yashika Bageerathi has touched many. A bright student brought to the UK by her mother with her siblings to escape domestic violence at home in Mauritius, she has a promising future here if allowed to remain. Because she has turned 18 and is no longer a child, though, the Home Office has apparently separated her case from that of her mother and siblings and is trying to enforce her return independently.

I’m seeing some pretty odd reports on Twitter, though, so thought a bit of legal background might be useful. Basically, I can’t see how an airline can refuse to take someone who would be leaving voluntarily, albeit under huge pressure from the immigration authorities. Continue Reading…


Immigration Minister Mark Harper has resigned from the Government because in 2007 he employed a cleaner who did not have permission to work. Harper claims that he has not broken the law but is resigning because “I should hold myself to a higher standard than expected of others”. The first part is arguably untrue: he may well in fact have broken the law. There are two separate laws for us to look at.

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"Citizenship is a privilege not a right."

So say both Judge Dredd and Immigration Minister Mark Harper. As has been pointed out, the UK government is now literally getting its immigration policy from Judge Dredd.

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In another leak exclusive to Free Movement it is possible to reveal further Immigration Rule changes to be introduced at short notice. It is understood the new Statement of Changes will be published on 25 December 2013, becoming the seventeenth Statement of that month and the 97th of this year.

In the wake of new rules preventing Bulgarian and Romanians from claiming benefits and building pre-emptively on the provisions of the new Immigration Bill, a new section to Appendix FM will ban several other activities that were already banned. Continue Reading…

Syrian refugees run for cover from snow during a winter storm in the Bekaa

William Hague ‘paid tribute‘ to the hospitality of the Lebanese people but here in the UK there is no room at the inn: still the UK refuses to offer resettlement to Syrian refugees. Contrast that with Germany, for example.


Migrants will not stop coming to Europe in search of a better life no matter how many sea patrols the politicians send. Families will not allow themselves to be torn apart no matter how tough the immigration rules get. Our politicians are fighting basic human needs and basic human nature. Terrible tragedies follow.


Self-styled Theresa ‘CRAZY’ May, our esteemed Home Secretary, has unveiled a range of hardline new immigration measures at the Conservative Party conference. I’ve added the capitals, but in relating her little anecdote about Abu Qatada she seems happy enough to be associated with the moniker:

I was told a story by one of our immigration officials who was there when Qatada finally got on the plane.  As the official signed off the last of the paperwork, Qatada looked at him and asked, “is Crazy May flying with me?”  I admit I was crazy – crazy with the European Court of Human Rights – and I know I wasn’t the only one.

You can read the full text of the speech here, and I’ve pasted the relevant parts in at the bottom of this post in case it disappears from the Conference website. The measures include: Continue Reading…


The legal action initiated by David Miranda through UK solicitors Bindmans brings into sharp focus an issue that has been troubling me since the Snowden revelations began: how can a lawyer acting against government be sure that privileged communications with his or her client are not being read by that same government? The simple answer is that there is no guarantee. There is no barrier other than politeness stopping government officials from reading privileged lawyer-client electronic communications. Continue Reading…