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Free Movement is planning to launch a scheme to allow regular readers who are barristers, solicitors or OISC advisers to claim some CPD hours by reading the blog and then answering multiple choice questions. This would be done in conjunction with HJT Training, of which the editor is a director. There would be a fee, which would be £25 per hour initially. Ten questions would need to be answered in order to claim one CPD hour (to show you have done the reading and assimilating, basically) and each test would specify the date range of blog articles covered. We are planning a test run in the next few days, but I thought it might be helpful to gauge interest.

If there is a lot of take up the fee would probably remain low, but it might need to increase to cover costs if there was low take up.

Let us know though the poll below and feel free to leave comments.

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The Free Movement blog was founded in 2007 by Colin Yeo, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in immigration law. The blog provides updates and commentary on immigration and asylum law by a variety of authors.

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