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Coronavirus and the Free Movement website

Business continues as normal at Free Movement. Our product is exclusively an online one, we are used to working remotely and we have contingency plans in place if a staff member is ill or needs to care for family members. We will continue to bring you ...

23rd March 2020 By

Immigration update podcast, episode 74

Welcome to episode 74 of the Free Movement immigration update podcast. This month we’ve got a couple of Supreme Court decisions to cover then a carousel of other cases on detention, the rights of British children to live with their parents in th ...

18th March 2020 By

Family life: substance over form

Uddin v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2020] EWCA Civ 338 is an important case in which the outgoing Senior President of Tribunals provides the judges who serve in his Immigration and Asylum Chamber with very strong guidance on mixed cred ...

18th March 2020 By