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New Appendix FM course now available for members
New Appendix FM online training course now available to members

New Appendix FM online training course now available to members

We’ve finally put the finishing touches to our comprehensive online training course on Appendix FM to the Immigration Rules. This is the bit of the rules dealing with the entry of family members, including spouses, partners, children, parents and grandparents. We cover the evidential requirements at Appendix FM-SE as well, of course.

This course was a group effort, with Nath Gbikpi and I doing most of the heavy lifting. It also incorporates material from blog posts originally written by Gabriella Bettiga, Nick Nason and Nick Webb.

You can see the contents here and members can click through to take a look:

Module 1 Introduction to Appendix FM
Unit 1 Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules
Unit 2 Who is considered "unsuitable"?
Module 2 Spouses and partners
Unit 1 Relationship requirements
Unit 2 Financial requirements
Unit 3 Language requirements
Unit 4 Immigration status requirements
Unit 5 Leave granted at each stage
Unit 6 Bereaved spouses and partners
Unit 7 Domestic abuse
Module 3 Children
Unit 1 Introduction and general requirements
Unit 2 Eligibility requirements: relationship and finances
Unit 3 Leave granted and conditions of leave
Module 4 Parents, grandparents and dependent relatives
Unit 1 Introduction and general requirements
Unit 2 Relationship and financial requirements
Unit 3 Proving dependency
Unit 4 Leave granted and conditions of leave
Module 5 Parent of a child in the UK
Unit 1 Introduction and general requirements
Unit 2 Relationship requirements
Unit 3 Other requirements
Module 6 Exceptions to the normal rules and human rights
Unit 1 Introduction to the exceptions
Unit 2 Paragraph Gen.3.1: applications for leave to enter or remain
Unit 3 Paragraph EX.1: applications for leave to remain only
Unit 4 Exceptional circumstances in practice
Unit 5 Human rights outside the Immigration Rules
Unit 6 Leave granted
Unit 7 Final quiz

We’re estimating this one as around 4 CPD hours to give you an idea of approximate length. Of course, lawyers will be aware that CPD hours don’t really exist as such these days, as there’s no minimum number of hours the regulators require lawyers to undertake. But we’re hanging onto the concept as we think it is still a useful guide.

There’s a feedback form at the end and we’re always interested to hear what you think of our courses. If you prefer, you can email us or use the contact form. If there’s demand we can look at turning it into a downloadable ebook, as with some of our other courses.

Colin Yeo

Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder and editor of the Free Movement immigration law website.

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