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Detained forever? Foreign prisoners and indefinite detention

Hundreds of foreign national prisoners are being held indefinitely, sometimes for years, when they can’t be removed from the country.  With no time limit on immigration detention powers, judges and the Home Office are operating within what one lawy ...

7th March 2011 By

Detention of children

The routine detention of immigrant children by the last Government was a disgrace. Claimed changes to detention policy by the current incumbents and the recent case of R (on the application of Suppiah) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [201 ...

14th January 2011 By

Bail success rates

Bail for Immigration Detainees recently obtained statistics from the Ministry of Justice on the number of bail applications that are made at different hearing centres, and the outcomes of those hearings. There is quite a disparity in outcomes. For exa ...

19th September 2008 By

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