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Correction to earlier shared burden post

My post on Friday about the Amos case may have been a little o’er hasty. The excellent Manjit Gill QC, who was Leading Counsel for the claimant in Amos, has sent in a correction by email, the relevant part of which is as below (reproduced with k ...

22nd May 2011 By

McCarthy judgment available

The hotly anticipated (er, by EU law geeks and the parties mainly) judgment in McCarthy v United Kingdom (Case C-434/09) is now out. The appeal was dismissed: dual nationals living in a country of their nationality who have never exercised free movem ...

5th May 2011 By

Zambrano considered

[UPDATE: see new post on McCarthy] The judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the case of Zambrano (C-34/09) may mark the watershed between the history of European Community free movement law and the future of unconditional European ...

22nd March 2011 By

Zambrano case

In a judgment just out, Zambrano v ONEm Case C-34/0 the European Court of Justice seems to have held that the parents of a child who is a national of a Member State must be granted the right to work and the right of residence in that Member State in ...

8th March 2011 By

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