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AA (Zimbabwe) test case

The test case of AA (Zimbabwe), mentioned in previous posts, is being dropped by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in favour of another case, called HS (Zimbabwe). This is apparently because the AIT did not want to have to deal with argument about w ...

15th May 2007 By

Forced marriage cases

Yesterday the Foreign and Commonwealth Office launched a new forced marriage survivor’s handbook. A specific team, the Forced Marriage Unit, was set up two years ago to deal with this issue and is reported to be dealing with 250 cases a year. Obvio ...

9th May 2007 By

Points based immigration system

The Home Office has been planning a shift to a points-based system for assessing immigration applications for some time, and recently announced the timetable for its introduction: Tier 1: beginning of 2008. This part of the scheme is for the highly ...

24th April 2007 By

Immigration fee increases

A number of people seem to have come across this site while looking for information about the increased immigration fees, about which I have already written a post. I thought it would be instructive to post up the old immigration fees, the new ones an ...

16th April 2007 By

Keeping out Johnny and Jane Foreigner

Until 2002 or thereabouts, the minimum age for the fiance in the UK who was to marry the person from abroad was 16 but the minimum age for the person from abroad was 18. These ages were then equalised at 18. It would appear that the age for both is so ...

11th April 2007 By

Deportation of ‘foreigners’

This has been a sorry business. The background is that in mid 2006 it came to light that foreign prisoners serving sentences for crimes committed in the UK were not being considered for deportation at the end of their prison sentences. Instead, they w ...

10th April 2007 By

New immigration fees

The fees for immigration applications made from both inside the UK (often referred to by immigration lawyers as ‘in country’ applications) and outside the UK at visa posts (referred to as ‘out of country’ applications) are goi ...

27th March 2007 By

Desperate times

There was some sort of riot at Campsfield Detention Centre last week, as anyone following the news more carefully than I will know. I’ve been attending a training course all week and am therefore a bit out of the loop. The BBC cover the story, a ...

17th March 2007 By

Overstayers and illegal entrants

Oh dear, another crackdown has been announced by the good Dr Reid. Read all about via the Home Office press release, or here if you prefer the BBC version. I won’t bother with links to the major papers, they are easy to look up. The press relea ...

7th March 2007 By

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