Renegotiating free movement within the EU

I was asked by a Polish media outlet for comment in this Boris Johnson piece on renegotiation of EU free movement rules and the idea of quotas. Here’s what I said: A quota for free movement of workers around Europe is impossible under the fundamental treaties of the European Union and would not be “free” […]

Removals to Mogadishu are re-starting

The Home Office have started giving directions for the removal of failed asylum seekers to Mogadishu on Turkish Airline flights via Istanbul. Anyone given such removal directions might ask the Home Office to reconsider whether they risk violating their human rights in the light of the announcement by Al Shabaab on 29.12.2013 that Somalis who […]

Richmond Mags dedicated immigration hearing centre from April

There are three courts at Richmond Mags being used for immigration hearings now but all five will apparently be used for immigration hearings from April. Meanwhile, the family court at Richmond is apparently moving to Hatton Cross, which has been seriously underused for immigration cases in recent months despite the growing waiting times for immigration […]

Unreported immigration tribunal decisions

Unreported immigration tribunal decisions BAILII now seems to host 37,453 unreported determinations of the immigration tribunal, dating back to 2003. May mean we can finally track down the decisions The Telegraph uses in its ongoing campaign to stop humans having rights. I’ll add these into the case law feed box on the right. There seems […]

Freedom From Torture referrals by email

Freedom From Torture referrals by email Freedom From Torture are spreading the word that referrals to them for medico-legal reports can now be made by email, a new facility that makes life just a little easier.

“How am I supposed to be Home Secretary after this?”

I’m not a big fan of this meme but I know a lot of people do find them funny… Personally, I’m also a lot more defeatist than the maker of this parody. To my mind, the more liberals and lawyers make a fuss the more this enhances Grayling’s career prospects. Whether or not every aspect […]