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Barristers on the move

Barristers on the move

This falls firmly into the gossip category. Please accept my apologies, the more serious minded amongst you.

There have been a number of barristers moving chambers recently. It is such a small world that it is just about worthy of mention, I reckon. The first move involved a number of tenants at 6 KBW moving to a new London annex for large Birmingham based chambers No 5 Chambers, including Manjit Gill QC Danny Bazini, Ramby de Mello, Mahmud Al-Rashid, Edward Nicholson and Joanne Rothwell. Grace Brown and Nicola Braganza, who were also at 6 KBW, have moved to Tooks Chambers. On top of that the 36 Bedford Row immigration crew, Chris Jacobs, Philip Nathan, Mark O’Connor and Declan O’Callaghan, have apparently moved to prominent public law and sometimes-Treasury set Landmark Chambers, although the websites of neither set reflect that change.

I’m not actually terribly good at gossip, so I may have missed people out, gotten it wrong or made some other mistake. I’m more than happy to amend any of the above in light of better information.

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