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Blog changes ahead

Blog changes ahead

There will be some changes coming on Free Movement. This has been absorbing quite a lot of my rather limited time of late, and there are several significant recent cases that I haven’t managed to flag up yet, for which I apologise. Work has been extremely busy and I have a family I’m supposed to spend time with as well.

Before I go further, the State of the Nation is that the blog topped 50,000 page views last month and has just short of 1,000 email subscribers. The Twitter account now has over 600 followers. The blog also has a Google Pagerank of 5/10, which is apparently quite good. We seem to be doing something right here, and I do not want to lose that. The current set up is not sustainable, however, yet it is also the case that I do not have a masterplan of what I would like the blog to be in a few months time. There will be trial and error, and I welcome feedback and suggestions from regular readers.

Firstly, you may have noticed that I am receiving a bit more help from other contributors. I certainly welcome this, and I hope it is proving useful to readers. Only last week I used some of the material that Sarah Pinder had very helpfully posted up. A range of input from different people inevitably raises new legal points and information that I alone would have missed, and I think a range of opinions would be useful as well.

I am open to further developments on this front. I did wonder about seeking ‘correspondents’ to cover particular legal areas, for example, but I doubt I’ll find enough nutterspotential bloggers out there willing to put in the necessary time. I have also wondered if any of the more thoughtful comment contributors from the Home Office might be interested in contributing more regularly.

Secondly, I am in the process of moving domain names and creating a self hosted website. This will enable me to add additional features to the blog. If you have any requests or suggestions, let me know. One idea was to set up a ‘Closet’ page to host anonymised skeletons and other precedents that might then be useful to others. However, this might be giving away just a bit too much of my output for free. There are also some apparently minor tweaks that self hosting will allow, such as better information about the various blog contributors.

Thirdly, I have some costs to recoup. Ever since I realised I needed to pay a fee to stop WordPress hosting Google ads on the blog (WordPress have to make a living too) I have had some very limited costs associated with the blog, but these have now increased. I’ve been willing to give away my time for free, although I’ve had plenty of doubts along the way, but I’m highly reluctant to fork out actual cash for the privilege of giving away my time. This is a vexed subject and, again, I’m entirely open to suggestions from those who find the information on the blog helpful.

If you have any other thoughts or suggestions on these or other topics, let me know either privately or by leaving a comment.

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