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Blog changes

Blog changes

Naval (sic) gazing

Regular visitors to the website will have noticed some changes over the Christmas period. A second column has been introduced on the right with Renaissance Chambers and HJT Training information, with both of which the editor is personally associated. The About the blog page has been slightly rewritten to make clear who the main contributors are and contributor guidelines have also been posted up for those interested in submitting occasional articles. A lawyers’ links page and a resources page have been added and it is hoped that further useful bits of information for lawyers will follow.

The full text of posts is now not visible from the main page, only excerpts. This may not be popular with some readers as it does add an additional click to get the full content, but it was felt that the length of some posts meant that interesting previous posts were not easy to see at a glance for occasional but regular visitors. Having excerpts rather than full text will also make it clearer which articles are of most interest to readers which will hopefully improve content over time. Feed and emails will continue to go out unabridged, though.

The blog is going to be offline for a while at some point in the next few days as the hosting provider is changed. Hopefully this will be a fairly smooth process and only take a few hours, but these things have a habit of going wrong. This should help with the page load times.

Do leave comments if you have feedback, suggestions (preferably constructive ones!) or something isn’t working properly.

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