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Buy your way in

Buy your way in

The Government has announced a new ‘red carpet’ approach to immigration for the super rich:

From April 6, investors who come to the UK and invest £5m will be allowed to settle here after three years and those that invest £10m or more will be allowed to settle after two.

The amount of time that such individuals can spend outside the UK and still qualify for settlement is also being increased, from 90 days per year to 180 days per year. In addition, the rules for entrepreneurs are being very helpfully relaxed, so that investment of £50,000 can qualify if the proposed business is ‘high potential’ and the funds come from a reputable organisation and also to allow partnerships to invest rather than just individuals. A new form of visitor is being created to permit entrepreneurs to come to the UK to investigate, secure funding and then

The announcement on the main Home Office site can be found here and the more detailed announcement on the UK Border Agency site here. The new Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules (HC 863) can be found here.

This is all excellent news for investors and entrepreneurs, but it does markedly contrast with immigration routes for the swinish herd. Unlike any other category of migrant, refugees are still prohibited from marrying third country nationals, for example, and ordinary spouses face not only the age increase but also the English language test and, it seems, a longer probationary period before qualifying for settlement.

It is amazing what a few hundred thousand pounds can buy you these days, with the Tories in charge.

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