Why do the “migrants” in Calais want to come to the UK?

“Cockroaches” according to Katie Hopkins. A “swarm” according to our likeminded Prime Minister, David Cameron, and The Daily Mail (again). An “army” according to the popular press, who seem to think we should literally send troops into France (without asking the French, we can assume) to hold the thin red line. “Migrants” to others. Why […]

Upper Tribunal finds Somali journalist cannot be expected to change profession to avoid persecution

The Upper Tribunal has found in the case of MSM (journalists; political opinion; risk) Somalia [2015] UKUT 00413 (IAC) (with UNHCR intervening) that a Somali journalist would be at risk of persecution if returned to Somalia and that, crucially, he cannot be expected to change profession in order to avoid persecution. Many thanks to Chelvan, who […]

Video: credibility assessments in women’s asylum claims

Really interesting video discussion hosted at Asylum Aid on credibility assessments in women’s asylum claims examining possible reasons why women’s claims are disproportionately disbelieved. The participants are Debora Singer, Policy and Research Manager at Asylum Aid, Catherine Briddick, Barrister (non-practicing) and researcher in the Law Department at the University of Oxford, and Princess Onyeukwu, Steering Group member […]

Detained fast track asylum process suspended

In May 2000 I began work at the Oakington “Reception” Centre near Cambridge for the Immigration Advisory Service, a charity offering legal advice and assistance to detained asylum seekers. And what a reception we offered. It was my first proper job and, other than a demonstration outside Campsfield, my first contact with the United Kingdom’s […]

Sir Nicholas Winton and the bygone tradition of refugee welcome

Sir Nicholas Winton, who as a young stockbroker in 1939 organised the rescue of 669 children from Nazi concentration camps, died yesterday age 106. The children he saved were carried by train from Nazi-occupied Prague. The final train did not get out in time and all 250 children on board are thought later to have died in […]

Official country information watchdog criticises Home Office on Eritrea

The official country information watchdog, the Independent Advisory Group on Country Information, has criticised the Home Office’s use of country information on the situation in Eritrea. The Guardian has picked up on the story and the full IAGCI report can be found here. [UPDATE: Human Rights Watch has written to the the Chief Inspector of Borders and […]

EU law and exclusion from refugee status

Good piece by Professor Steve Peers on exclusion from refugee status in EU law: What if a refugee allegedly supports terrorism? The CJEU judgment in T. Click the link to read the full post. This gives you an idea of what issues arose: This case concerned a Turkish national who moved to Germany back in […]

Detained Fast Track system suspended

The Court of Appeal has effectively suspended the Detained Fast Track asylum processing factory. The High Court recently found the appeal process unlawful but granted the Home Office a stay on the effect of the judgment. The Court of Appeal has overturned that stay, meaning that the High Court judgment on the illegality of the […]