New tribunal cases on statutory human rights considerations and “integration”

The Upper Tribunal has handed down another two cases on the statutory human rights considerations introduced by the Immigration Act 2014. The relationship between Article 8, the Immigration Rules and the statutory considerations is the itch that judges cannot help but scratch, but it is primarily an academic and political issue rather than one of […]

Gulshan disapproved in High Court

This post is a largely academic one for the lawyers and judges amongst Free Movement readers. The latest case in the interminable parade of cases addressing the interaction of Article 8 and the Immigration Rules is the case of R (on the application of Sunassee) v Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) & Anor [2015] EWHC 1604 […]

We already have a Bill of Rights, thank you very much

The Conservative Party manifesto includes replacement of the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights. We already have a Bill of Rights, so the proposed Conservative version will need to be called something different. Perhaps Bill of Rights 2: The Dark Night Rises. The Bill of Rights of 1689 was one of the most […]

New case interprets Chikwamba. Again

A new case from the Upper Tribunal (re-)interprets Chikwamba again: R (on the application of Idris) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department (IJR) [2015] UKUT 95 (IAC) [EDIT: curiously identical to R (on the application of Thakral) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department (IJR) [2015] UKUT 96 (IAC)]. Official headnote: The Chikwamba […]