Deportation regime to be considered by Supreme Court

The UK’s complex deportation regime, involving intertwined immigration rules, statute and UK and ECHR case law, is finally to be considered by Supreme Court (see page 7). Permission to appeal to the Supreme Court has been granted in three separate cases. In the courts below these were: Secretary of State for the Home Department v AQ (Nigeria) & […]

Updated policy guidance on appeals against conviction and sentence

Updated policy guidance on appeals against conviction and sentence by foreign national offenders has been published. The broad thrust is that removal or deportation cannot occur during an appeal against conviction and/or sentence although preparations for removal can, but removal or deportation can occur if a reference to the CCRC is pending. If the CCRC refers the […]

Operation Nexus for dummies: happening now, in our time

Two men are suspected of robbing a bank. Let’s call them Ken, a British national, and Boris, a non-British national. Boris arrived in the UK from somewhere in the Caucasus when he was 3, about 27 years ago. He holds Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK but, being a bit scatty, never applied for […]

Operation Nexus

The Met Police website tells us that: Operation Nexus, designed and delivered by the MPS and UKBA, aims to maximise intelligence, information and world wide links to improve how we deal with and respond to foreign nationals breaking the law. AC Rowley, in charge of Specialist Crime and Operations at the Met also states that: […]