New salaried Judges of the Upper Tribunal

UPDATED The appointment of Fiona Lindsley, Nadine Finch and Melanie Plimmer as salaried judges of the Upper Tribunal has been announced today. All three are well known in the immigration law community and their appointment is fantastic news. We will miss Nadine horribly at Garden Court Chambers but wish her the very best. UPDATE 1: Also […]

Government minister considers children of immigrants to be a problem

Home Office Minister Lord Bates, responding to a question from Lord Green of Migration Watch on population control and the effect of the children of migrants: Lord Green: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what is their latest assessment of the impact of international migration on the population of the United Kingdom, taking into account the […]

Immigration Judge Warren Grant sacked for viewing pornographic material

Immigration Judge Warren Grant and three other judges have been sacked for viewing pornographic material on judicial IT equipment in their offices, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office has announced today. The judges were not linked in any way and no illegal material was viewed. Immigration Judge Warren Grant was well known to those appearing at Taylor […]

Life in immigration detention in the UK

Last week highlighted the blight of the UK’s immigration detention camps. We saw the broadcast of two major Channel 4 investigations into conditions at the Yarl’s Wood and Harmondsworth immigration detention camps here in the UK. The reports were based in part on work by Corporate Watch, which I am proud to say is part […]

Fascinating write up of the GOV.UK transition

Fascinating write up by The Register of the transition to GOV.UK, focussing on the immigration websites. The title gives a fair idea of the content: Inside GOV.UK: ‘CHAOS’ and ‘NIGHTMARE’ as trendy Cabinet Office wrecked govt websites: The most hated website of all time? A total disaster, basically. My own impression is that the current version of […]

How passports have changed in 100 years

BBC article on how have passport photos have changed in 100 years. Introduced for national security reasons at the start of WW1, they started with expressions of individual identity. In 2004 even smiling was banned.

New Chief Inspector announced

The next Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration will be David Bolt, former MI5 officer and later police officer. Announcement here. Turns out new inspector of immigration, is a former MI5 officer and was director general of intelligence at Serious Organised Crime Agency — Alan Travis (@alantravis40) February 10, 2015  

Obituary of Michael Fisher

Obituary in The Guardian for Michael Fisher of Fisher Meredith and Christian Fisher fame. As hard as things are now for lawyers challenging state power, they were harder then.