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OISC Level 1 Accreditation: Introduction to immigration, asylum, nationality and EU law: 16 CPD

This course was last updated in February 2021. Welcome to our complete and comprehensive online immigration law starter training course! It is ideal for aspiring OISC Level 1 advisers seeking accreditation and other budding immigration lawyers. We cov ...

17th February 2021 By

Advanced: International surrogacy and immigration and nationality law issues: 4 CPD

This course was last updated in July 2020. Recent years have seen an increase in international surrogacy arrangements, under which citizens or residents of the UK who are unable to conceive pay someone in a foreign country to carry and give birth to t ...

29th July 2020 By

Intermediate: Naturalisation as a British citizen: 3 CPD

This course was last updated in August 2019. Welcome to our course on naturalisation as a British citizen! We cover all of the requirements for naturalisation as a British citizen, from residence periods to good character and everything in between. We ...

9th August 2019 By

Advanced: Deprivation of citizenship: 3 CPD (UPDATE UNDERWAY)

This course is being updated as of November 2021. Deprivation of citizenship cases are on the rise, with an average of around 20 cases per year. Some are on public good grounds, some on the grounds of deception. This course looks at both and also cove ...

11th October 2018 By

Introduction to British nationality law: 2 CPD

This course was last updated in September 2018. This online training course provides an overview of British nationality law. The topic broadly covers two central questions: • Am I a British citizen? • If I am not, how do I become one? As well as t ...

12th September 2018 By

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