Advanced: Deprivation of citizenship: 3 CPD

Advanced: Deprivation of citizenship: 3 CPD

Deprivation of citizenship cases are on the rise, with an average of around 20 cases per year. Some are on public good grounds, some on the grounds of deception. This course looks at both and also covers the separate process of nullification.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 Use of deprivation powers in practice
Unit 1 Introduction to citizenship deprivation: modern banishment
Unit 2 Numbers and types of deprivation cases
Unit 3 Examples of use of public good deprivation power
Unit 4 Examples of use of deception deprivation power
Unit 5 Examples of citizenship nullification
Module 2 The current power of deprivation and how it has evolved
Unit 1 1948 to 2002
Unit 2 2002 to 2006
Unit 3 2006 onwards: the current power
Module 3 Bringing a legal challenge to deprivation or nullification
Unit 1 Bringing a legal challenge
Unit 2 Deprivation and deportation compared: meaning of "public good"
Unit 3 Difference between deprivation and nullification
Unit 4 Deception, causation and deprivation
Unit 5 Definition of "public good" in deprivation cases
Unit 6 Compatibility of deprivation with human rights laws
Unit 7 Feedback form
Unit 8 Final quiz
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