Advanced: Dublin 3 and third country returns within the EU: 2 CPD

Advanced: Dublin 3 and third country returns within the EU: 2 CPD

Here we look at developments surrounding third country returns and in particular at the EU legislation known as “Dublin 3”. That is the instrument which now generally governs the procedures by which one European Union member state only will be identified as responsible for a particular asylum claim. In practice this tends to be the state where they were first detected as entering the European Union territory subject to having relatives or family members present in other countries, or other special circumstances such as having been granted a visa for another country.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 The Dublin 3 Regulation
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Objectives of Dublin 3
Module 2 The hierarchy and discretion
Unit 1 The hierarchy of responsibility
Unit 2 Lapse of responsibility
Unit 3 Responsibility changing due to humanitarian issues or dependency
Unit 4 Responsibility: discretion driven by human rights
Module 3 Safeguards, detention, remedies and vulnerable asylum seekers
Unit 1 Procedural safeguards
Unit 2 Detention
Unit 3 Effective remedy
Unit 4 Removing asylum seekers at particular risk
Unit 5 Time limits
Module 4 Challenges based on reception conditions
Unit 1 EM (Eritrea) and Tarakhel
Unit 2 Running reception condition challenges
Module 5 Assisting clients to come to the UK
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Dublin procedure and time limits
Unit 3 Evidence
Unit 4 Steps to take in the UK
Unit 5 Family reunification after Brexit
Unit 6 Final quiz
Unit 7 Feedback form
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