Advanced: Identifying and assisting trafficking survivors: 3 CPD

Advanced: Identifying and assisting trafficking survivors: 3 CPD

This online training course on helping survivors of human trafficking covers warning signs, risk factors and identification of possible victims, how the trafficking assistance process (National Referral Mechanism) works, immigration options for victims, children and young people, compensation and housing and support. It incorporates slides on key points from the Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU).

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 What are trafficking and modern slavery?
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 What are trafficking and modern slavery?
Unit 3 Identification of trafficked persons
Unit 4 Working with trafficked persons
Unit 5 The National Referral Mechanism
Unit 6 Ensuring full disclosure from the Home Office
Module 2 Immigration status for victims of trafficking and modern slavery
Unit 1 Protection claims and residence permits
Unit 2 Domestic workers
Unit 3 EEA nationals
Unit 4 Return
Unit 5 Key points: immigration options for victims of modern slavery
Unit 6 Special considerations in children's cases
Unit 7 Key points: children and young people
Module 3 Support and redress for victims
Unit 1 Legal aid, housing and welfare support
Unit 2 Key points: accommodation and support under the NRM
Unit 3 Criminal law
Unit 4 Compensation and redress
Unit 5 Key points: compensation options for victims of trafficking
Unit 6 Useful contacts
Unit 7 Feedback form and quiz
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