Intermediate: EU law: Problem issues in permanent residence applications: 2 CPD

Intermediate: EU law: Problem issues in permanent residence applications: 2 CPD

A quick look at Brexit so far, issues around work and seeking work (low earnings, part time employment, retaining rights when work ends), comprehensive sickness insurance, retained rights for family members, gaps in qualifying residence, residence prior to 2006 and more.

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You can explore the course contents below:

Module 1 Brexit
Unit 1 No change, for now
Unit 2 What will happen to EEA citizens and family members?
Unit 3 Is it worth applying for residence documents now?
Unit 4 Should EEA nationals apply for naturalisation as British citizens?
Module 2 Work, seeking work and being out of work
Unit 1 Who is a "worker" in EU law?
Unit 2 Part time work
Unit 3 Low earnings
Unit 4 Seeking work, unemployment and temporary incapacity
Unit 5 Early permanent residence and retaining rights when work ends
Module 3 Self employment, self sufficiency and study
Unit 1 Self employment
Unit 2 Self sufficiency
Unit 3 Study
Module 4 Comprehensive sickness insurance
Unit 1 Who needs comprehensive sickness insurance?
Unit 2 What counts as comprehensive sickness insurance?
Module 5 Residence prior to 2006, gaps in residence and status of the Irish
Unit 1 Residence prior to 2006 or Accession
Unit 2 Absences from UK since 2006
Unit 3 Gaps in qualifying residence within UK
Unit 4 Status of the Irish
Module 6 Retained and derived rights for family members
Unit 1 Death or departure of EEA national sponsor
Unit 2 Termination of marriage or civil partnership
Unit 3 Derived rights of residence: quick overview
Unit 4 Quiz
Unit 5 Feedback
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