Intermediate: Immigration Act 2014: 2 CPD

  • Course Level: Intermediate / OISC L2

About this course

This course outlines the important changes brought about by the Immigration Act 2014 and includes information for solicitors, OISC advisers and barristers about how the changes will affect their work and their clients.

Modules within this course

  1. Commencement and transitional provisions

    Covering the complex commencement and transitional provisions, particularly on rights of appeal and the new removal power. Includes commencement table.
  2. Removal and Detention

    This module looks at some of the new powers and provisions relating to removal and detention of those unlawfully in the UK.
  3. Appeals

    This sections deals with appeals...
  4. Access to services, marriages, citizenship and other matters

    This module looks at the provisions of the Act on access to services (NHS, banks and building societies, rented accommodation and driving licences), on marriages, civil partnerships and the reporting and investigation of suspected sham marriages, the citizenship provisions and the remainder of the Act.