Intermediate: Immigration Act 2016: 3 CPD

  • Course Level: Intermediate / OISC L2

About this course

This course outlines the important changes brought about by the Immigration Act 2016 and includes information for solicitors, OISC advisers and barristers about how the changes will affect their work and their clients.

Modules within this course

  1. Introduction and commencement

    Introduction to the Immigration Act 2016 and its broad effects and information on which provisions have taken legal effect and when.
  2. Part 1: Labour market and illegal working

    Covering the Director of Labour Market Enforcement, Labour Market Enforcement Undertakings and Orders, the new illegal working offence, amendments to the employing illegal workers offence and illegal working closure notices and compliance orders.
  3. Part 2: Access to services

    Covering the new offence of leasing premises, new eviction powers for landlords and new restrictions on driving and bank accounts.
  4. Part 3: Enforcement

    Covering new enforcement powers, detention of vulnerable persons and pregnant women and the important new concept of Immigration Bail.
  5. Part 4: Appeals

    Covering further amendments to appeal rights and reviewing the changes already wrought to rights and grounds of appeal by the Immigration Act 2014.
  6. Part 5: Support

    Covering new asylum support and local authority support arrangements, including the loss of appeal rights.
  7. Parts 6, 7, 8 and 9 on border security, language requirement for public sector workers and fees and charges

    Covering border security provisions on airport control areas, maritime enforcement and persons excluded under international obligations, the new language requirement provisions for public sector workers and amendments to fees and charges provisions, including the new immigration skills charge.