Intermediate: Immigration offences and civil penalties: 2 CPD

Intermediate: Immigration offences and civil penalties: 2 CPD

The statute book is crammed full of criminal offences relating to borders and immigration control, from illegal entry to renting property to an unauthorised migrant. Most are rarely prosecuted, but it’s still worth being aware of the main criminal offences in this area, as well as the fines that landlords, employers and transport companies can (and do) face.

In the first two modules of this course we break down the various immigration criminal offences into migration offences and immigration control offences. Migration offences can only be committed by migrants themselves: British citizens cannot commit an act of illegal entry, for example. Immigration control offences can be committed by anyone. A migrant or British citizen can commit an offence of evading immigration control, obstructing an immigration officer or trafficking a migrant, for example.

In the final module we look at civil penalties. Civil penalties are a financial sanction — a fine, in other words — levied under civil rather than criminal law as a means of punishing breaches of immigration law. Although civil penalties don’t attract custodial sentences, the sums involved can be extremely high.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 Criminal offences by migrants
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Illegal entry and stay
Unit 3 Deception and document offences
Unit 4 "Double down" offences
Unit 5 Refugee defences
Module 2 Immigration control offences
Unit 1 Assisting unlawful immigration
Unit 2 Failure to comply with immigration control
Unit 3 Trafficking
Unit 4 Employers
Unit 5 Landlords
Module 3 Civil penalties
Unit 1 Carriers
Unit 2 Employers
Unit 3 Landlords
Unit 4 Bonus criminal offences podcast
Unit 5 Criminal offences final quiz
Unit 6 Feedback form

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