Intermediate: Refugee law in the UK: 3 CPD

Intermediate: Refugee law in the UK: 3 CPD

Welcome to our course on refugee law in the UK! The 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees, widely known as just “the Refugee Convention”, is said to be the legal instrument that has saved the most lives in history. This course explores how the Convention, which is international by its nature and scope, applies and is interpreted in the UK, drawing on EU law on refugee protection.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 Definition of a refugee
Unit 1 The Convention definition
Unit 2 Sources of interpretation
Module 2 Well founded fear
Unit 1 The concept of "well founded fear"
Unit 2 Standard of proof
Unit 3 Truthfulness
Unit 4 Narrative inconsistencies
Unit 5 Plausibility
Unit 6 Dishonesty and demeanour
Unit 7 Delayed claims, safe third countries and statutory presumptions
Unit 8 Future risk: country situation
Unit 9 Future risk: personal considerations
Unit 10 Events and activities after departure from country of origin
Unit 11 Key points video for modules 1 & 2
Module 3 Of being persecuted
Unit 1 Actors of persecution
Unit 2 Nature of "being persecuted"
Unit 3 Role of Convention reasons
Unit 4 Key points video for module 3
Module 4 Conventions reasons
Unit 1 Convention reasons, causation and attribution
Unit 2 Race, religion, nationality, political opinion
Unit 3 Membership of a particular social group
Unit 4 Key points video for module 4
Module 5 Protection and relocation
Unit 1 System of protection
Unit 2 Internal relocation
Unit 3 Key points video for module 5
Module 6 Cessastion, exclusion and refoulement
Unit 1 Cessation
Unit 2 Exclusion and refoulement
Unit 3 Key points video for module 6
Unit 4 Final quiz
Unit 5 Feedback form

We also offer several other courses on refugee law and asylum process as part of our training package, including on the UK asylum process, refugee family reunion, the Dublin Regulation and more.

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