Intermediate: Representing children in the immigration tribunal: 2 CPD

Intermediate: Representing children in the immigration tribunal: 2 CPD

Representing children is easy to do badly, with potentially disastrous consequences. This course explores best practice and novel ways of working with and providing advocacy for children. It includes sections relating to achieving best evidence, preparing for hearings and what to expect at hearings, all with regard to the child’s best interests and wellbeing.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 Introduction to working with children
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Available guidance
Module 2 Deciding whether to call the child
Unit 1 Whether or not to call a child
Unit 2 Right of the child to be heard
Unit 3 Special considerations for a child's circumstances
Unit 4 Separate representation
Module 3 Preparing for the hearing
Unit 1 Special measures and other evidence
Unit 2 Pre hearing review
Unit 3 Material for the judge
Unit 4 Preparing the child
Module 4 Representation at a hearing
Unit 1 Before the hearing starts
Unit 2 Considerations in court
Unit 3 Monitoring cross-examinations
Unit 4 Conclusions
Unit 5 Representing children final quiz
Unit 6 Feedback form
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