Introduction to EU free movement law and applications: 4 CPD

  • Course Level: Introductory / OISC L1

About this course

This course examines the principles, sources and basic rights of EU free movement law as understood in the United Kingdom, in particular focussing on the rights of EU citizens and their non EU family members. It also looks at the practicalities of making applications.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Modules within this course

  1. Concepts in EU free movement law

    The fundamental freedoms, EU, EC, EEC and EEA, Member States, EU citizenship
  2. Rights of EU citizens

    Rights of EU and EEA citizens including the right to work, self employment, self sufficiency, study, residence documentation and the right to be accompanied by family members
  3. Rights of family members

    Who is a family member, what rights do they have, who is an extended family member and what are their rights and do family members need family permits or residence documents?
  4. Making an application

    The practicalities of whether an application needs to be made, whether the Home Office forms need to be used and what evidence needs to be included for different types of application.