Introduction to immigration appeals: 1 CPD

Introduction to immigration appeals: 1 CPD

This course covers lodging then preparing for an appeal, looking at what makes a good witness statement, drafting a skeleton argument and preparing an appeal bundle.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 Lodging an appeal
Unit 1 Is there a right of appeal?
Unit 2 Is the appeal from inside or outside the UK?
Unit 3 How to lodge an appeal
Unit 4 Grounds of appeal
Module 2 What makes a good witness statement?
Unit 1 What is a witness statement?
Unit 2 What is the witness statement for?
Unit 3 Use of detail
Unit 4 Language
Unit 5 Process of taking a witness statement
Module 3 Drafting a good skeleton argument
Unit 1 What is a skeleton argument?
Unit 2 What makes a good skeleton argument?
Unit 3 Example skeleton argument
Module 4 Preparing an appeal bundle
Unit 1 Practice direction and timing of service
Unit 2 Other hints and tips
Unit 3 Preparing bundles electronically
Unit 4 Further reading and resources
Unit 5 Final Quiz
Unit 6 Feedback form
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