Intermediate: Naturalisation as a British citizen: 3 CPD

Intermediate: Naturalisation as a British citizen: 3 CPD

Welcome to our course on naturalisation as a British citizen! We cover all of the requirements for naturalisation as a British citizen, from residence periods to good character and everything in between. We explain what requirements are mandatory in all cases and which requirements can be waived or varied by the Home Office and used worked examples throughout.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 What is naturalisation?
Unit 1 What is naturalisation?
Unit 2 Other types of British citizenship entitlement or application
Unit 3 Other types of British nationality
Module 2 Residence requirements and intention to settle
Unit 1 Residence requirements for naturalisation
Unit 2 Free of immigration time restrictions: ILR or permanent residence
Unit 3 Length of residence: spouse or civil partner of a British citizen
Unit 4 Length of residence: non spouses
Unit 5 Physical presence in UK at start of qualifying period
Unit 6 Not in breach of immigration laws
Unit 7 Intention to settle
Module 3 Good character
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Criminal convictions
Unit 3 War crimes, terrorism and other activities contrary to the public good
Unit 4 Financial soundness
Unit 5 Deception or dishonesty
Unit 6 Immigration issues
Unit 7 Dealing with the guidance in practice
Unit 8 Exceptions to the good character requirement
Module 4 Age and the knowledge of language and life test
Unit 1 Age (and options for children)
Unit 2 Life in the UK test
Unit 3 Knowledge of English
Module 5 Applying for and getting citizenship
Unit 1 Application process
Unit 2 Oath and citizenship ceremony
Unit 3 Bringing a legal challenge
Unit 4 Feedback and final quiz
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