Introduction to refugee family reunion: 2 CPD

Introduction to refugee family reunion: 2 CPD

When someone is granted refugee status in the United Kingdom this opens up the possibility of the refugee sponsoring family members to join him or her in the UK. This is often referred to as “refugee family reunion”. There are special rules from which refugee family members benefit and a specific set of paragraphs of the Immigration Rules which apply to such cases.

This online training course covers the nuts and bolts of refugee family reunion applications, who can apply, the requirements to meet, avoiding refusals and how to appeal.

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Module 1 How to apply for refugee family reunion
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Family are outside the UK
Unit 3 Family are inside the UK
Unit 4 Submitting documents and attending the appointment
Module 2 What requirements must be met
Unit 1 All applications
Unit 2 Spouses and partners
Unit 3 Children of a refugee
Unit 4 Other children related to a refugee
Unit 5 Family members outside the rules
Module 3 Who can sponsor an application
Unit 1 Refugees who claimed asylum after arrival in UK
Unit 2 Resettled refugees
Unit 3 Humanitarian protection
Module 4 Avoiding refusals
Unit 1 Preparing a good quality application with good evidence
Unit 2 Proof of marriage or partnership
Unit 3 Proof of subsisting relationship
Unit 4 Proving paternity and DNA testing
Unit 5 Proof of identity
Module 5 Challenging refusals
Unit 1 Re-apply
Unit 2 Appeal
Unit 3 Quiz and feedback

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