Introduction to the UK asylum process: 2 CPD

Introduction to the UK asylum process: 2 CPD

Welcome to our step by step guide to claiming asylum in the UK, including tips on evidence, challenging a refusal and the availability of legal aid.

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You can check out the course contents below:

Module 1 Lodging the claim and screening interview
Unit 1 Lodging a claim for asylum
Unit 2 What happens at a screening interview
Unit 3 Interview under caution
Unit 4 What happens after the screening interview
Module 2 Evidence and substantive interview
Unit 1 Before the substantive interview
Unit 2 During the substantive interview
Unit 3 After the substantive interview
Unit 4 Tips for a good interview
Module 3 Decision on the claim
Unit 1 Success: next steps
Unit 2 Success: different types of status
Unit 3 Refused: appealing to the First-tier Tribunal
Unit 4 Fresh claims
Module 4 Legal aid and asylum support
Unit 1 Legal aid
Unit 2 Asylum support
Unit 3 Change of address
Unit 4 Final quiz


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