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Free Movement is back

Free Movement is back

But lacks the energy to write anything intelligent. Par for the course, some might claim. I have however been deleting the many comments I now unfortunately receive asking for legal advice. Inevitable, I suppose. Instead of informed, witty, incisive commentary I shall content myself with some random alerts:

  • Metock guidance is finally available. The Entry Clearance Guidance has been amended at chapter 21 and the European Casework Instructions have been amended at chapters 1, 2, 3 and 5. I haven’t managed to scan in Operational Policy Instruction 103, which came with the January ILPA mailing and as far as I know doesn’t yet exist on the internet. Analysis to follow, maybe.
  • Still no news on Baiai or on RN (Zimbabwe).
  • Woolas’ ramblings on cutting back on judicial review have been revealed as hot air. There’s a new policy not to automatically suspend removals where exactly the same grounds are relied on within three months of the last ones. I know there are some chancers out there but I can’t imagine there are many example of this and even Lin Homer has said she doesn’t think many cases will be affected.
  • Free Movement is considering a loose tie-in with HJT Training to help pay the actual and virtual rent. Perhaps a page on the top bar next to ‘Archives’. I’ve attended their courses before and would in fact be happy to endorse them. Thoughts on selling out (selling out what exactly?) etc sort of welcome.
Free Movement
The Free Movement blog was founded in 2007 by Colin Yeo, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in immigration law. The blog provides updates and commentary on immigration and asylum law by a variety of authors.

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