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HJT Immigration Manual

HJT Immigration Manual

I finished work on the 10th edition of the HJT Immigration Manual just before going on holiday. It is now printed and available for purchase for £69 (at that price for a limited period, I understand). The contents pages, introduction and first chapter, on immigration control, can be downloaded as a free sample here. I have deliberately attempted to lock down printing and copying and pasting from the sample document. I already provide a heck of a lot of information for free through the blog, if you want it all in a useful textbook style format, you’ll need to pay for it!

The 10th edition continues the tradition of gradual improvement from earlier editions and the trend away from mere training notes towards a fully fledged textbook. Various diagrams have been used to break up the text and help illustrate points and concepts, and the manual now includes a large number of useful examples and case studies.

The manual was originally devised for the purpose of the immigration accreditation examinations for lawyers. It still closely follows the syllabus for those exams, but it is also useful for any student of immigration law. It is intended to be accessible enough for new entrants to the profession but also to include enough high level and up-to-the-minute information that it is useful for experienced practitioners as well. We tend to include more information than normal on new or interesting developments.

Updates to the 10th edition include substantially re-written chapters on immigration control, bail and detention, and race discrimination (incorporating the new Equalities Act 2010), the new immigration fee levels, added worked examples, material on unspent convictions, the new refugee family rules, new material on children and important new cases from the last year as highlighted on this blog.

The manual is already used by some law schools as a teaching aide and gets very good feedback from students and lecturers. HJT have also worked up a number of exam questions and answers and a Powerpoint presentation that can be used to accompany the manual when used as a teaching or training aide. Get in touch with me or directly with HJT Training if you are interested in bulk purchases or licensing the content for such a purpose.

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