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New guidance and numbers on sham marriage investigations published by Home Office

New Home Office guidance on Marriage Investigations has been published. Formally, it is Chapter 30 of the Enforcement Guidance and...

12th August 2016 By Colin Yeo

Discriminatory to deny refugee spouses right to settle under domestic violence rule

“A” v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] CSIH 38 In a decision of 27 May 2016, the...

27th July 2016 By Sarah Crawford

Relatives of refugee child win appeal against refusal of entry

The President of the Upper Tribunal, Mr Justice McCloskey, has allowed on human rights grounds the appeal of the mother...

20th May 2016 By Colin Yeo

High Court finds Adult Dependent Relative rule lawful but opens door to individual challenges

The challenge by organisation Britcits to the virtual prohibition on the entry of adult dependant relatives introduced in 2012 has...

20th May 2016 By Colin Yeo

Sonel Mehta of Britcits on the devastating impact of the 2012 family immigration rules

This text is based on a talk given by Sonel on 24 February 2016 at an ILPA event on family...

26th February 2016 By Sonel (BritCits)

Refugee family reunion: a user’s guide

This post is intended for refugees (including those with humanitarian protection), their families and their friends trying to understand the...

11th January 2016 By Colin Yeo