Appendix FM guides

A collection of posts explaining Appendix FM, which contains the rules on non-EU family migration

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How to apply for leave to remain as a bereaved partner

This post is about what happens to a migrant who is in the UK on a partner visa if their sponsor passes away. If their partner dies before the migrant becomes settled, the last thing on their mind will be their immigration status. However, as status a ...

11th October 2018 By

How to apply for leave to remain as a victim of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious infringement of someone’s rights. It can affect men and women from any ethnic background and part of society, but migrants can be particularly vulnerable and unwilling to seek help because of their precarious status in ...

26th September 2018 By

Visas for children under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules

In this post we are going to look at the requirements for children to obtain permission to enter and stay in the UK under Appendix FM. As we have seen in recent posts on the subject, Appendix FM (for “family members”) sets out the rules f ...

25th September 2018 By

How to apply for a UK spouse or partner visa

Spouses and partners of British citizens or people settled in the UK can apply for a visa to join or remain with their loved ones. These applications are dealt with by the Home Office under the Immigration Rules. Specifically, the part of the Rules th ...

20th August 2018 By

Patience is a virtue, especially if you’ll meet the Immigration Rules in a couple of months

MS (Pakistan) TD and X (A Child) (Jamaica) [2018] EWCA Civ 1776, a case about the minimum income requirement for sponsoring a family member under the Immigration Rules, shows that sometimes starting over with an immigration application and waiting a ...

16th August 2018 By

What are the financial requirements for UK spouse and partner visas?

One of the trickiest parts of applying for a UK visa as a spouse or partner are the financial requirements. Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules contains minimum financial requirements to be met in entry clearance or leave to remain applications. This ...

6th August 2018 By

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