Good character

Some recent posts addressing good character in citizenship applications

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EU citizens and British citizenship

Information for EU citizens considering applying for British citizenship

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Landmark Supreme Court decision overrules historic gender discrimination in British citizenship

The Supreme Court has opened up British citizenship by double descent to all children of British women born between 1949 and 1983. Delivering a judgment which makes no attempt to disguise his academic interests as a historian, Lord Sumption delivered ...

8th February 2018 By

Returning from outside the UK to challenge deprivation of citizenship

What procedure should be followed when someone is deprived of British citizenship, at a time when he or she is abroad, to enable return to the UK to participate in a statutory appeal to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC)? Should judicia ...

22nd January 2018 By

Supreme Court boost for people stripped of their British citizenship

A Supreme Court decision handed down today is good news for people who have had their British citizenship taken away because it was obtained under false pretences. The Home Office has accepted that in most cases, deprivation rather than nullity is the ...

21st December 2017 By

British citizen wrongly denied passport and ordered to leave UK

The case of R (Miah) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] EWHC 2925 (Admin) concerns a British citizen who made an application for a passport, was refused, and ordered to leave the country. He had no in-country right of appeal against ...

28th November 2017 By

The rise of modern banishment: deprivation and nullification of British citizenship

To deprive a person of their citizenship on the grounds of their behaviour or opinion is to cast them out of society. It is a power of exile or banishment. In Roman law, the punishment of “proscription” was civic and literal death, unless the pers ...

24th November 2017 By

Naturalising or registering as a British citizen: the good character requirement

With very few exceptions, anybody over the age of ten who applies for registration or naturalisation as a British citizen needs to meet the so-called “good character requirement”. This is a requirement set out in Schedule 1 of the British National ...

20th November 2017 By