Good character

Some recent posts addressing good character in citizenship applications

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EU citizens and British citizenship

Information for EU citizens considering applying for British citizenship

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K2: right to a private and family life no bar to deprivation of citizenship

K2 v the United Kingdom (Application No 42387/13) The use of the Home Secretary’s power to strip a British citizen...

20th March 2017 By Thomas Beamont

Supreme Court finds British nationality law discriminatory, allows appeal on human rights grounds

The Supreme Court has decided that the historic failure of British nationality law to confer automatic citizenship on a child...

20th October 2016 By Colin Yeo

EU nationals must apply for permanent residence card for British nationality applications

The British Nationality Act 1981 requires a successful applicant for British citizenship to show, amongst other things, that he or...

1st August 2016 By Colin Yeo

Worker Registration Scheme causing problems with British citizenship for some children

Some worrying news from The Guardian: UK citizenship has been given to the children of eastern Europeans living in Britain...

1st July 2016 By Colin Yeo

Is the UK Government selling British passports?

A few snippets from a recent debate in the House of Lords. An amendment to the current Immigration Bill currently...

24th February 2016 By Colin Yeo

Refusal and revocation of British citizenship for dishonest conduct

In another reminder that British citizenship can be refused on the basis of past dishonest conduct we have the case...

18th January 2016 By Colin Yeo