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No costs awarded where claimant got interim relief but legal issues unresolved

In R (Shahi) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] EWCA Civ 1676 the Court of Appeal held that a grant of interim relief did not entitle a claimant to his costs, where there was no settlement or court determination of the underlying lega ...

30th November 2021 By

Reopening a finalised immigration appeal is actually pretty hard

It’s hard to imagine a time when immigration lawyers will stop banging the fairness drum. Far from being responsible for an appeals “merry-go-round”, we find ourselves day in and day out trying to resolve unfair issues and cases in a highly ...

24th November 2021 By

Upper Tribunal revisits issue of permission for video evidence from abroad

Last week I set out some observations on the taking of evidence by videoconference from abroad. I pointed to substantial authority that, in the case of the willing litigant or witness outside the UK dialling up on Zoom, where no judicial assistance ( ...

22nd November 2021 By

Upper Tribunal reminds everyone: this is not the place for new evidence

Immigration appeals can last a long time: often years and years. What happens when things change during the appeal? This is the question answered by the Upper Tribunal in Akter (appellate jurisdiction; E and R challenges) [2021] UKUT 272 (IAC). The m ...

16th November 2021 By

Does every Zoom witness abroad need foreign state permission to dial in?

Among the changes brought about by the pandemic has been greatly increased use of videoconferencing technology by immigration tribunals, including for the taking of evidence. This has made it much more viable for live evidence of appellants and other ...

15th November 2021 By

Briefing: what is section 3C leave?

If a migrant makes a valid application to extend their leave (permission) to be in the UK before it expires, their existing leave will be rolled over until a decision has been made on the application, even if this is after the original expiry date. Th ...

1st November 2021 By