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New Appendix FM course now available for members
Online immigration law CPD training for barristers and other lawyers

Online immigration law CPD training for barristers and other lawyers

The end of the CPD training year is fast approaching for barristers. We’ve been working away at updating the online immigration law training courses on Free Movement and creating new ones for our 2,300+ active members. There’s still time for you to mug up on old skills or learn new ones!

Rather inconveniently, if logically, the barrister training year ends on 31 December. We’ll be checking in on emails and help requests over the festive period but our response times might be slower than normal and it would be wise not to leave things to the last minute.

As if any barrister would ever do that anyway…

Feedback on our courses is very good: we’ve been totting up our feedback results for 2018 so far and 72% of feedback was “excellent”, 26% was “good”.

Our newest courses:

  • All of our monthly update courses are available online, including October 2018 (and CJ and I just recorded November and we’ll have that available shortly). Just listen to the 25 minute podcast, take the 10 question quiz and download the certificate as proof of your up-to-date-ness.
  • We have published our massive new Introduction to immigration, asylum, nationality and EU law course suitable for new starters, students and OISC Level 1 advisers. With questions spread throughout and three separate mock exam papers at the end it is a great way to learn and revise.
  • We have a huge new advanced deportation course now available worth 4 CPD. We cover the various statutes, rules, case law, Article 8, out of country appeals, revocation, practice tips and optional deep dive analysis tying together statutory provisions and relevant case law.
  • We’ve set up a new introductory level course on the UK asylum process, explaining how a person claims asylum and then what happens to them during the asylum process.
  • We’ve also created a new course introducing how the Points Based System works, taking you through the various tiers and categories as well as the additional work and study routes outside the Points Based System.

Our updated courses:

  • We’ve just updated our course on costs in immigration cases with the new(ish) Presidential Guidance and latest cases. We cover appeals, judicial reviews, indemnity costs, unreasonable conduct, wasted costs, how to apply, strategy and more.
  • Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced in October that the deprivation of citizenship power will be used more often in future and there’s a backlog of old nullification cases are being reconsidered for deprivation action. We’ve updated our course with the latest cases.

Try something a bit different:

  • We also have courses covering how lawyers can make best use of social media and on legal blogging. We’ve added new podcast interviews with some of our favourite legal bloggers: Adam Wagner, Lucy Reed and Giles Peaker.

Upcoming courses:

  • You may have seen some of our recent blog posts on Appendix FM. We’re in the process of finishing the series and turning those into a course, so watch this space.
  • We’re working on separate new courses on immigration bail and on fresh claims for asylum so watch this space..

We’ve also loads more courses all still available for you, for example on naturalisation, urgent injunctions, Dublin 3, Zambrano applications, the general grounds for refusal and more. Members can see the full list of available courses here.

Membership starts at £20 plus VAT per month and we have discounts available for students and charities. Take a look at the sign up pages or drop us a line if you want to find out more.

Colin Yeo

Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder and editor of the Free Movement immigration law website.

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