Instructions for existing forum users

This page is for members of the Free Movement Forum before 1 May 2014 with current or expired subscriptions.

Option 1: upgrade to Free Movement Membership

It is now possible to upgrade to full Free Movement Membership to access not just the forums but also the free Immigration Act ebook and a suite of online training courses, all with CPD accreditation.

There are already 18 CPD hours available, a total that grows every month. You can read about the available courses here. They range from a course on the Immigration Act 2014 to introductory materials, update courses and advanced materials on urgent injunctions and Zambrano applications. Each course is a resource you will want to return to, with specially written explanatory text as well as links to reference points and suggestions for reading.

Option 2: renew forum-only access

It is also possible for existing forum members to renew their forum membership for £25 (or £50 as applicable). This is only possible for previous members of the forum, though. Any new members of the forum can only join by purchasing a full membership subscription.

You can only renew once your current subscription expires: the system will not save payment details for later use when the time comes.


To either renew or upgrade you MUST follow these instructions:

Step 1: log in

Before you can renew, you must log in so that the computer system knows who you are. You can log in at the footer of any blog page, including this one.

Step 2: select option

Once you are logged in, select one of the following options:

Forum only membership
£25 / 12 months
Access to the Free Movement forum only
Open only to users who are already Free Movement members
Full individual membership upgrade
£180 + VAT for first 12 months (then £199 plus VAT per year)
Single login for personal use
Access to all online CPD update, skills and legal training materials
Access to all podcasts
Downloadable certificates
£216 including VAT for first 12 months then £239 onwards
Organisation membership
£50 / 12 months
Access to forum only

If you run into difficulties, do get in touch. But if you make sure your subscription is expired, you are logged in and then navigate to one of the above pages, everything should work smoothly.