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Legacy exercise outcomes revealed

Legacy exercise outcomes revealed

[UPDATE 31/3/11: see Comments below for further information and updates]

This interesting snippet of information recently came my way and I thought it was worth sharing. A Freedom of Information request recently revealed outcomes to the Legacy backlog clearance exercise:

  • Number of cases granted Indefinite Leave to Remain = 145,843
  • Number of cases granted Discretionary Leave to Remain = 3,405
  • Number of cases granted Humanitarian Protection = 430

This information is said to be accurate up to 19 January 2011. As the programme is now closed, as I understand it, these will be the final figures.

The total number of cases for consideration was thought to be around 450,000. That number was also thought to include a very considerable number of duplicate case files. In 2008 it seemed that a quarter of all cases thus far concluded had been closed for this or other ‘error’ reasons. The most recent official update from UKBA that I can find is from February 2010 and stated that 235,000 cases had been ‘concluded’ up to the end of December 2009. It therefore seems that a significant proportion of all cases considered under the Legacy programme were allowed in one way or another, but by no means all. This matches with the experience of practitioners, as far as I am aware.

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