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More rule changes and spouse visa age travesty

More rule changes and spouse visa age travesty

Yet more changes to the rules. Haven’t had a chance to look properly as I am on my way to Liverpool right now but the press release suggests tightening up of Tiers 1 and 2 and a further spouse visa age travesty. The full Statement of Changes to the rules is here.

Almost unbelievably, members of the armed forces get an exemption to the 21+ spouse visa rule. Good for them, but why waive the rules for them? Because our lads would never be involved with forced marriages? Or because the working classes (seems so old fashioned to use that term) tend to marry younger, so it affects squaddies disproportionately, so the army grandees have had a bit of a word with Phil? I’ve just today reassured a friend I’ll try and stop writing posts when angry but, good grief, IT AFFECTS ETHNIC MINORITIES DISPROPORTIONATELY! Otherwise known as racism. If only ethnic minorities had the same level of access to Ministers. This really does expose the rule for what it is.

Comes into effect 6 and 7 April 2010.

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