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Guest post: “these amazing lawyers…”

New research helps practitioners identify best practice in representing female asylum seekers writes Debora Singer MBE, Senior Policy Adviser at Asylum Aid. What do women who have been through the asylum appeals process think of their legal representa ...

8th December 2017 By Debora Singer

The Immigration Act 2014 and the law of unintended consequences

Legislation meant to make life tougher for immigrant families accessing services may instead have brought some small relief. R (U and U) v Milton Keynes Council [2017] EWHC 3050 (Admin) was an application to judicially review Milton Keynes’ decisio ...

7th December 2017 By John Murphy

A familiar nemesis: the Court of Appeal on “insurmountable obstacles”

R (Mudibo) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] EWCA Civ 1949 is yet another decision of the Court of Appeal grappling with the provisions of those familiar nemeses, section 117B and the “insurmountable obstacles” test in EX.1 of ...

6th December 2017 By Bilaal Shabbir

People accused of TOEIC cheating have in-country right of challenge

The Court of Appeal has held in Ahsan v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Rev 1) [2017] EWCA Civ 2009 that people accused of cheating on the TOEIC English language test and threatened with removal from the UK have the right to challenge tha ...

5th December 2017 By Conor James McKinney

Failure to provide evidence of right to work not a fair reason to dismiss, says Employment Appeal Tribunal

Like (I suspect) many other practitioners, I often find myself speaking to a client’s employer to explain to them why my client has the right to work. The most typical example is where a client has submitted an application by post before the exp ...

4th December 2017 By Nath Gbikpi

Proportionality principle no help in EU mother’s income support claim

LO v SSWP (IS) [2017] UKUT 440 (AAC) involved the overlap between EU law, family law and welfare benefits, focusing particularly on the role of proportionality. All this is academic to LO, who just wanted her income support. Despite compelling person ...

4th December 2017 By Anjana Daniel
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