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Social media training for lawyers

Social media training for lawyers

Social Media Yeogi
Social Media Yeogi

As a bit of an experiment, I will be delivering a small seminar on the subject of social media for lawyers on 22 July 2013. Details on the HJT Training website. Numbers are deliberately restricted; I am only willing to humiliate myself in front of a limited number of people at a time.

It is aimed at all sorts of lawyers: barristers, solicitors, sole and small practitioners and large firms. Luckily I’ll never be in charge of a large corporate Twitter account, but I have consumed a LOT of social media in the last five years, both good and bad, and can discuss some of the potential pitfalls for all sorts of lawyer.

My plan is to discuss the origins of the Free Movement blog and what I have learned in the course of developing the blog and creating and experimenting with associated Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Tumblr and Google+ accounts.

“A fool learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

– Otto von Bismarck

I have been giving this whole social media thing a great deal of thought in recent months (I wish I hadn’t, but I have). At the moment, subject to feedback, the intention is to cover:

  • Having a strategy and sticking to it
  • Asking yourself why you want to engage with social media (seriously, you should consider this long and hard)
  • Considering your audience
  • The importance of content and making it useful or interesting to your intended audience
  • The balance between creating and curating content
  • How often to engage and when
  • Sharing and reciprocating
  • The vices and virtues of different social media platforms (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Tumblr, Google+)
  • The software behind these platforms and for managing your social media presence and the statistics available to measure success

This first seminar is intended to be fairly introductory. If there is demand the course can be repeated and further more advanced courses could be considered. Let me know.

Colin Yeo
Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder and editor of the Free Movement immigration law website.

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