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Unlawful entrants can’t rely on domestic violence concession

The domestic violence concession allows victims of domestic abuse access to public funds while they make an application for settlement. The High Court has now made clear that this concession only applies to those who are already on the route to settle ...

22nd January 2019 By

New statement of changes to the Immigration Rules: HC 1779

A statement of changes to the Immigration Rules was published today, 11 December 2018. The main changes are to introduce the pilot scheme for short-term agricultural workers that was announced earlier this year, and to expand the domestic violence set ...

11th December 2018 By

Comment: refugee families suffering domestic violence must get equal treatment

A v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] CSIH 38 is an important 2016 decision from the Court of Session in Scotland, the full impact of which has still to be felt. It concerns the Immigration Rules, as they apply to spouses of refugees ...

23rd November 2018 By

How to apply for leave to remain as a victim of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious infringement of someone’s rights. While most often perpetrated against women, it can affect men and women from any ethnic background and part of society. Migrants can be particularly vulnerable and unwilling to seek he ...

26th September 2018 By

Domestic violence cases can attract a right of appeal, says High Court

Since April 2015, only very limited types of immigration case can be appealed. In the case of R (AT) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] EWHC 2589 (Admin), the High Court found that despite what the Immigration Rules say, an applicatio ...

22nd November 2017 By

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