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Do the Immigration Rules discriminate against women who want to work in the UK?

Today is the deadline for employers with 250 or more employees to publish calculations showing the size of the pay gap between their male and female workers. The gender pay gap is the percentage difference between the average hourly earnings for men a ...

4th April 2018 By

Falling at each hurdle: credibility assessments in women’s asylum claims

The key reason why women are refused asylum in Europe is because they are not believed. So let’s imagine a woman comes to the UK to seek protection from human rights abuses. Let’s call her Malaika. Chances are that Malaika will have experienced so ...

16th June 2015 By

Shocking new report on detention of women asylum seekers

A new report from Women For Refugee Women (‘WFRW’) sheds a sickening light on the conditions for women asylum seekers detained in Yarl’s Wood IRC. 70 per cent of the women they interviewed that were guarded by men said that the very pres ...

3rd February 2014 By