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Power to close down businesses employing illegal workers goes virtually unused

The Immigration Act 2016 authorises immigration officers to temporarily close down businesses persistently employing illegal workers. The provision is one of several that make up the hostile environment policy, which has been rebranded the “complian ...

23rd September 2019 By

Immigration inspector: Home Office lacks a clue on illegal working

Government attempts to tackle illegal working are halting, aimless and ill-adapted to the post-Windrush dispensation, an independent inspection report has found. David Bolt’s latest report says that “the Home Office’s efforts are not rea ...

10th May 2019 By

Roughly half of all illegal working fines appealed or evaded

The government has collected less than half the fines issued to employers for hiring undocumented migrants over the past five years, according to a Free Movement estimate using data released under the Freedom of Information Act. The value of illegal w ...

21st February 2019 By

Home Office stats show immigration enforcement activity declining across the board

“The government is cracking down harder on both illegal and legal migrants.” “The government does not control immigration.” These two contrasting statements are the prevailing yet paradoxical narratives on immigration in the Un ...

1st October 2018 By

Home Office imposes illegal working fines of £14 million on small businesses in 3 month period

The Home Office has imposed fines on small businesses for employing illegal workers of over £14 million in just a three month period. The period covered is January to March 2016. The list of businesses targeted by officials appears to include mainly ...

6th September 2016 By

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