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New statement of changes to the Immigration Rules: HC 1919

A new statement of changes to the Immigration Rules was published today, 7 March 2019. It is 294 pages long and covers a lot of ground. The main changes are to Tier 1 entrepreneur and investment visas, and to the EU Settlement Scheme. This requir ...

8th March 2019 By

Home Office confirms chaotic U-turn on suspension of Tier 1 (Investor) visas

The Home Office has rowed back last week’s announcement that the Tier 1 (Investor) route was suspended with near-immediate effect. It was widely reported last Thursday that the route would be closed to new applications from midnight the next day ...

11th December 2018 By

How easy is it to buy British citizenship?

To go along with the private jet and luxury yacht, the current ‘must-have’ for a discerning multi-millionaire seems to be a range of international passports. The phenomenon of citizenship by investment has emerged over the last few decades an ...

31st October 2018 By

Is the UK Government selling British passports?

A few snippets from a recent debate in the House of Lords. An amendment to the current Immigration Bill currently wending its way through Parliament was tabled which would close the Tier 1 Investor route. This type of visa is obtained by making an inv ...

24th February 2016 By

New report suggests Tier 1 Investor route used for large scale money laundering

A new report by Transparency International, Gold rush: Investment visas and corrupt capital flows into the UK, suggests that substantial amounts of corrupt wealth stolen from China and Russia are “highly likely” to have been laundered in ...

22nd October 2015 By

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