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Your questions answered by a Home Office Presenting Officer

Home Office Presenting Officers are civil servants who represent the government in immigration appeals. Last month we ran an article by an anonymous HOPO describing how the immigration system looks from that side of the fence and inviting questions by ...

12th October 2020 By

I’m a Home Office Presenting Officer: ask me anything

We Presenting Officers can usually be put into two categories. The first group is unable to see anything wrong with any decision and will defend it at all costs. Although hopefully they’re few and far between, anyone with a bit of experience before ...

9th September 2020 By

Home Office “lines to take” are protected by litigation privilege

The First-tier Tribunal has allowed the Home Office appeal against the Information Commissioner’s decision that training slides used to inform Home Office Presenting Officers on the 2014 legislative reforms to human rights law should be released ...

27th April 2016 By