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What is life really like in Zaatari camp and how long should refugees be expected to wait there?

In last weekend’s Sunday Times, Nigel Lawson lashed out at the emotional response of leading politicians and spiritual leaders to the image of “the sight of a drowned toddler”, thereby causing us to believe it was necessary for the U ...

10th September 2015 By

Resettlement of Syrian refugees: UK bottom of league table

The House of Commons Library has issued an interesting briefingĀ on the UK approach to Syrian refugees. Hat tip to ILPA for spotting it. The UK has taken in 4,000 Syrian refugees who managed to reach our shores to make a personal direct claim for asyl ...

23rd June 2015 By

Refusal rate for Syrian visa applications increases yet further

Back in July 2014 I picked through the official Home Office quarterly statistics to plot the refusal rate for visa applications by Syrians to travel to the UK since 2010. There are many Syrians with family or other links to the UK who, perhaps despite ...

12th March 2015 By