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Government Authorised Exchange: one visa, 60 options

The Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) category of the Immigration Rules is one of the least known of all the UK’s visa options. Following the recent publication of the government’s immigration white paper, much has been said about th ...

12th February 2019 By

University strikes: the implications for Tier 2 and 5 sponsorship

Thousands of staff at more than 60 universities around the country have gone on strike, starting today. Some members of the University College Union (UCU), which has called the strike, will be non-EU nationals sponsored under the relevant university&# ...

22nd February 2018 By

Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules HC535: analysis

Major changes to the Immigration Rules affecting refugees, Tiers 1, 2 and 5, EEA nationals sponsoring family members under the Immigration Rules, visitors, applications for Administrative Review and knowledge of language and life tests are being intro ...

11th November 2015 By